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Service robotics for healthcare and beyond

Safety, innovated. Purpose-driven UV robotics designed to save lives.

Love the Lytbot.

Achieve total facility disinfection with the all-new Lytbot 2.0. Best-in-class just got an upgrade.​

Any space, any budget.

Lytbot LT provides industry-leading pulsed UV for any facility type. Accessible safety for all.

Solaris Lytbot LT

Love the price.

We’ve always known that hospitals want to take advantage of best-in-class pulsed UV. But for too many, premium costs have left it out of reach. We set out to solve this problem by completely rebuilding our system using a design-to-value approach, with one goal – to deliver premium disinfection for all.

What we came up with is Lytbot 2.0 – innovated from the ground up. We improved on our flagship system and delivered premium hardware we can offer entirely free – meaning no capital spend. Just a simple monthly fee.

Learn more about our No Capital pricing program.

No Mercury. Ever.

The right UV disinfection choice is the Mercury-free one.

Mercury poisoning can lead to blindness, paralysis, birth defects and death. Though many hospitals no longer use mercury instruments, some still use UV disinfection robots thatcan have up to a dozen mercury- loaded heat lamps each. Our robots and manufacturing processes don’t use any mercury at all. Not a single drop.

Travel again. With confidence.

Keep your passengers and your front line safe from pathogens with Lytbot AT.

Keep your passengers and your front line safe from pathogens
with Lytbot AT.

Solaris Lytbot AT

High-level disinfection. In a flash.

High-level disinfection.
In a flash.

Eliminate pathogens on portable items in seconds with Lytbox.

and DPX

Our industry-leading pulsed xenon UV technology uses broad-spectrum light to deliver multiple pathogen-destroying mechanisms with every flash of light. See the difference SpectraLyt makes.

Modular body engineering

Modular body

Our unique modular design protects our internal robotics core and provides an adaptable system that we customize for countless applications and industries.

Top healthcare providers trust Solaris Robots for pulsed UV & service robotics solutions

st tammany
St Josephs

Paul G. Yee - Supervisor, Environment of Care, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

"We have been very pleased with our Lytbot. We purchased our Lytbot because of the pandemic, and we have currently changed our process to include UV disinfection after every isolation."

The Solaris Robots difference

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Service robotics for healthcare & beyond

Count on our suite of robotic offerings for enhanced safety, efficiency and convenience in your facility.

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A family of scalable models & solutions

Our spectrum of products is designed to deliver facility solutions that can match your growth and needs.

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Every floor, every facility & every budget

For one. For all. We endeavor to provide accessible solutions that allow every facility to shine.

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Continuous stream of innovations

We innovate to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the healthcare industry and beyond.

SpectraLyt is a standout among UV technology. Powerful, broad-spectrum light delivers multi-factor disinfection to cause irreparable damage to pathogens. See why SpectraLyt is the best choice to protect your facility.