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Case Study

Gunnison Valley Health UV Disinfection
Gunnison Valley Hospital introduces Lytbot to eliminate pathogen exposure and maximize efficiency

Gunnison Valley Hospital’s challenge

Gunnison Valley Hospital was in search of a way to reduce staff and patient exposure to dangerous pathogens without the use of harsh chemicals that could the irritate the respiratory systems of elderly residents. They needed high-level disinfection that was safe, fast, and reliable.

How we're helping

Our SpectraLyt pulsed xenon UV proved to be the right solution for Gunnison Valley. Lytbot 1.0 is now used in all common areas to rapidly and reliably destroy pathogens, and its quick cycle times help to minimize downtime and maximize efficiency.

Solaris Lytbot at Gunnison Valley Health

Keeping things "LYT"

Gunnison Valley Hospital recognizes the importance of pulsed UV disinfection in achieving a new standard of safety. Lytbot’s SpectraLyt technology provides comprehensive pathogen destruction, giving staff and patients the peace of mind they deserve.
We concentrated on using the Lytbot in all common areas to eradicate any bacteria that may be present. Rather than taking two hours for a room to be terminally cleaned, with the help of Lytbot, a room can be cleared of all infectious surface pathogens in 15 minutes.
Jake Parr, Director of Environmental Services, Gunnison Valley Health