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Case Study

Solaris Lytbot at Mackenzie Health

Mackenzie Health utilizes Lytbot’s SpectraLyt technology to improve disinfection efficiency and create a safer environment for patients and staff

Mackenzie Health’s challenge

At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Mackenzie Health was searching for a way to control and mitigate environmental infection risks. With advanced disinfection becoming more critical than ever, Mackenzie Health was keen to implement a system that could contribute to a safer environment for patients and staff alike.

How we're helping

The Lytbot at Mackenzie Health is helping to create a safer environment while fitting seamlessly into EVS operations. The use of SpectraLyt UV provides great confidence to the Mackenzie Health team, and allows them to efficiently disinfect rooms and various medical equipment before use across the facility.

Solaris Lytbot at Mackenzie Health
Greater uptime,
increased cleans,
improved confidence

The Environmental Services team at Mackenzie Health is very pleased with the Solaris Lytbot. Front-line staff are happy with the ease of use, safety mechanisms and the ability to control the machine from outside the room. The battery life is excellent, enabling greater uptime and an increase in cleans performed. The Lytbot has become a key piece of Sodexo’s Protecta Infection Control Program implemented at Mackenzie Health.

Paul Porteous, Director of Operations, Support Services, Mackenzie Health