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Case Study

St Tammany Health System
St. Tammany Health System deploys fleet of Lytbots to maintain low infection rates of SARS-CoV-2 and C. diff

St. Tammany's challenge

At the onset of the pandemic, St. Tammany wanted to take the right steps to ensure the safety of their patients and staff. Maintaining low infection rates was key to managing both the COVID-19 pandemic and persistent superbugs like C. diff.

How we're helping

Lytbots are used in all isolation cases from COVID-19 to MRSA to C. diff. Our SpectraLyt and DPX technologies provide effective pathogen destruction that patients and staff can trust. St. Tammany’s growing fleet of Lytbots ensures this advanced disinfection is accessible across their entire facility.


Fewer than expected cases of healthcare-acquired C. diff

“The cleanliness of hospitals of our size and complexity generally are expected to have about 30 cases of C. diff per year. To date,
St. Tammany Health System has had only 7 cases of healthcare-acquired C. diff, 78% less than expected for our facility class.
St. Tammany Health System employs robust enhanced disinfection protocols to keep our patients and staff safe. Lytbot forms part of our overall disinfection strategy and is one of the collective factors that contributes to our low numbers of C. diff and hospital infections.
St. Tammany Health System Infection Prevention Team