Lytbot 1.0

Lots of bright ideas. To keep you safe.

Our first flagship UV disinfection robot, featuring powerful SpectraLyt technology. Trusted in hundreds of healthcare facilities across the globe, Lytbot is leading the charge against HAIs.

Solaris Lytbot 1.0

Industry leading efficacy and speed

Achieve total facility disinfection with best-in-class technology that drives results in infection rate reduction. Trusted in hundreds of healthcare facilities across the globe, Lytbot 1.0 is leading the charge against HAIs.


proven efficacy against MRSA, VRE, C. Diff, and coronavirus


industry-leading disinfection cycle time for rapid room turnover


leading healthcare facilities use Solaris technology

Clearly the front line favorite

Lytbot was designed with the end-user in mind. EVS and IP staff are everyday heroes, so they deserve a product that is effective, safe, and easy to use. Lytbot users consistently prefer using our product over other leading UV disinfection systems.

Here’s why:

  • Durable outer shell, built to withstand daily operation
  • Sleek, ergonomic design that won’t topple; easy to store and maneuver on any hospital floor
  • Rapid cycle times to increase efficiency and minimize downtime
  • Iot-enabled for instant reporting and analysis
  • Practical, user-friendly interface for ease of operation

Created for healthcare, innovated for the world

Solaris Robots provide hospital-grade UV disinfection that is suitable for any industry. Disinfect with 99.99% efficacy against pathogens like coronavirus, making spaces safer in minutes flat. Lytbot provides an added layer of confidence and protection, to any facility.

Campus-wide mission control was never so easy

Solaris’ extensive software platform allows total line of site on your fleet, whenever you need. Deploy, manage, and analyze with convenience. Stay connected to all your devices through our cloud-based platform, ensuring that total facility safety is only a few clicks away.

Sunglasses anyone?

Lytbot’s Directional Pulsed Xenon (DPX) technology emits extremely powerful broad-spectrum ultraviolet light. This UV light is strong enough to kill dangerous pathogens on surfaces in rapid 3-5-minute cycles. Superbugs don’t stand a chance.

Technical Specs

Lifting and rotating head targets high-touch surfaces for efficient protection.
Robust data offerings allow users to filter data by unit, room number, user, room type, and more
Remote activation and motion-sensing technology ensure safety of everyone in the vicinity
With cycle times of 3-, 5-, and 10-minutes to choose from, you can customize disinfection time to suit the needs of your environment and operators
Head and bulb are completely contained during transport, protected by a robust outer casing
Push weight of just 4 lbs for easy maneuvering and repositioning of Lytbot
966mm x 559mm x 533mm, 80kg; or 38” x 22” x 20.9”, 176 lbs
(head retracted)
Input Voltage: 110V, 50/60 Hz, Input Current: <12.5 A
Our technical and customer support teams are always standing by to ensure your success with Lytbot. Contact support at
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Pricing options that work for your bottom line

Solaris offers flexible access options to help you achieve your goal of total facility safety.

Find your perfect fit

Enhanced disinfection is more critical than ever, and with our extensive suite of Pulsed UV offerings, we are confident we have one to match your facility’s needs. One size does not fit all. Protect your staff and patients with a solution that’s just right for you.