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Lytbot 2.0

Lytbot. Reimagined.

Redesigned from the ground up, with lots more to love, welcome to the new generation of Lytbots. Best-in-class, Mercury-free pulsed UV more accessible than ever before.

Optimized efficacy at every turn.

With increased power output and enhanced light distribution, Lytbot 2.0 delivers maximum efficacy in minimal time. Speed, with no compromise on safety.


proven efficacy against MRSA, VRE, C. diff and coronavirus


rapid cycles, without compromise to any results

Best-in-class pulsed UV


Lytbot features:

  • SpectraLyt technology delivers the power you need and can trust
  • Optimized light distribution enables ultra-fast coverage
  • IoT-enabled for monitoring and connectivity, whenever you need it
  • Includes Pro edition of SolarX OS, featuring enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities
  • Intuitive, user-friendly design for ease of implementation and operation

Campus-wide mission control has never been so easy

Our SolarX Operating System allows total line-of-sight on your fleet, whenever you need it. Deploy, manage, and analyze with convenience. Stay connected to all your devices through our cloud-based platform, ensuring total control in only a few clicks.

A new generation for the next generation

Advanced disinfection is no longer a nice-to-have. It’s a need-to-have. With no capital spend and unrivaled pathogen destroying ability, Lytbot 2.0 is the perfect fit for any healthcare environment. Protect your patients with the ultimate in pulsed UV disinfection. Safety. At its best.

Experience the power of Lytbot 2.0 SLX and SLX-Drive

Introducing Lytbot 2.0 SLX, our most powerful Lytbot yet. Battery-powered, offering total freedom. With all-day battery life and run time, the possibilities are endless.

And say hello to SLX-Drive, combining our industry-leading UV disinfection robot with autonomous capabilities. Patented Jetbrain technology allows Lytbot to move freely around the room, delivering full coverage with minimal operator input. Whole-room disinfection. All on its own.

Optimize your hospital today with Lytbot 2.0 SLX and SLX-Drive.

Solaris Lytbot SLX

Technical Specs


Broad-spectrum UV light delivers multi-factor protection against bacteria and viruses

Targeting of high-touch surfaces maximizes efficiency

Protective visor lifts away to deliver concentrated pulsed UV light

For full coverage and maximum speed

No light flashes and minimal noise, for a non invasive experience

Robust data platform allows remote monitoring with enhanced analytics for additional program visibility
Remote activation and motion-sensing technology ensure user safety

For performance monitoring connectivity

Protected by a robust outer casing, built to withstand daily operation

Castor wheel design allows for easy transport within facility
Our technical and customer support teams are always standing by to ensure your success with Lytbot. Contact support at

Love the Lytbot. Love the price.

Gold-standard UV disinfection. No capital spend. No mercury.

Find your perfect fit

Advanced pulsed UV is more critical than ever, and with Lytbot 2.0 we have delivered a best-in-class solution to match your needs. One size does not fit all, let's discuss a solution fit for you.