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High-level disinfection. In a flash.

Our class-leading touchless disinfection chamber, Lytbox can eliminate pathogens on non-invasive items like stethoscopes and electronic devices in less than 10 seconds. SpectraLyt pulsed UV — perfected for portable items.

Solaris Lytbox

Comprehensive coverage

No-touch activation and pulsed UV coverage on all sides of the Lytbox drawer ensure maximum disinfection power. Safely disinfect non-critical fomites like thermometers and medical charts with a wave of your hand.


proven efficacy against MRSA, VRE, C. diff and coronavirus


industry-leading disinfection cycle time for rapid disinfection


installed sites using Solaris pulsed UV technology

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UV disinfection you can trust
With Lybox, you get Solaris’ best-in-class pulsed xenon technology, designed for portable objects. Help prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens with proven UV power. Count on Lytbox to help keep your staff and patients safe.
  • Touchless activation to prevent cross-contamination
  • Industry-leading disinfection time of 5-10 seconds for optimized efficiency
  • Fits items of various sizes, from keys to tablets
  • IoT-enabled for health monitoring and connectivity, whenever you need it
  • Practical, user-friendly design for easy operation

Hospital-grade disinfection. Wherever needed.

We now know the importance of eliminating deadly pathogens in all public spaces. From clinics and hospitals to shopping centers, the need for instant disinfection solutions is growing every day. Put safety first when you add Lytbox to your facility.


Campus-wide mission control has never been so easy

Our SolarX Operating System allows total line-of-sight on your fleet, whenever you need it. Deploy, manage, and analyze with convenience. Stay connected to all your devices through our cloud-based platform, ensuring that total facility safety is only a few clicks away.

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Lytbot’s Pulsed Xenon UV light is so powerful that it can kill 99% of all encounters within 10 seconds. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet in 3-5 minute cycles. Bad for pathogens. Good for us.

Technical Specs

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Broad-spectrum UV light delivers multi-factor pathogen destruction for all portable objects placed inside disinfection tray
Seamless construction accommodates various portable objects for comprehensive disinfection on all surfaces
Touchless activation reduces risk of cross contamination
Robust data platform offers remote monitoring and comprehensive analytics
For performance and health-monitoring connectivity
Built to withstand daily operation in a healthcare environment
Castor wheel design allows for easy transport within the facility
Our technical and customer support teams are always standing by to ensure your success with Lytbot. Contact support at

Pricing options that work for your bottom line

Solaris Robots offers flexible access options to help you achieve your goal of total facility safety.

Find your perfect fit

Advanced disinfection is more critical than ever, and with our extensive suite of pulsed UV offerings, we are confident we have one to match your facility’s needs. One size does not fit all. Protect your staff and patients with a solution that’s just right for you.