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No Mercury. Ever.

Mercury UV system?
No way.
That’s a no-no.
A non-starter.
Mercury is a neurotoxin.

Mercury poisoning damages the central nervous system, and has been shown to lead to blindness, paralysis, birth defects and death.

The most at-risk when exposed to mercury are the elderly, pregnant women and children.

Mercury has no place in hospitals.

Hospitals no longer use mercury instruments such as thermometers and blood pressure monitors due to the risks involved and the costs of cleanup.

With what we’re seeing from the Minamata Convention and the US Environmental Protection Agency, the world – and the world of healthcare – is becoming more and more mercury-free.

The right UV solution is the Mercury-free one. Ours.

Other UV disinfection lamps contain mercury, but ours do not. Not a single drop.

Since some UV disinfection robots can have up to a dozen lamps each, that’s a lot of mercury we’re you avoid.

Not only do we avoid the use of mercury in our products –  we also avoid mercury in our manufacturing process.

Power and efficacy are now accessible to all. If you’re ready to experience the Mercury- free protection of Lytbot 2.0 for free, let’s get in touch.

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